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With our tools and experience, we help you make the best of your credit. Understanding all the facts of credit and credit repair can be confusing, so we created this education center to make it easier for you to understand the value of your score.

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We help you review your reports for inaccurate information that’s causing your score to be affected. Your score can influence what credit is available to you and how much interest you’ll pay.

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Learn How Your Credit Score Impacts You

40 Points on your credit could cost you $40,000 on a 30 year mortgage

35 percent of adults with a credit file, have a report of debt in collections.

Fewer than one in five people obtain copies of their credit report each year!

Your credit affects you & your family

The biggest issue with having poor credit is all the ways that it can affect your life today, tomorrow, and in the future. I’m sure you can relate when we say the following factors have been a major road block:


High interest rates on your credit cards and loans


Difficulty getting a mortgage


Credit and loan applications may not be approved


Difficulty getting approved for an apartment


Security deposits on utilities


Difficulty finding employment


You can’t get a cell phone contract


You might get denied for employment


Higher insurance premiums


Calls from debt collectors


Difficulty purchasing a car


Difficulty starting your own business

We have solutions

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans have a mistake within their credit report and about 37% of people are completely unaware of their own credit score, even though it impacts so many aspects of their lives! VCS has strategic solutions to help clients repair their credit, fix their score and achieve the following:


Increased credit limits


Lower interest rates on credit cards and loans


Attractive mortgage rates


More negotiating power


And so much more

The average consumer doesn’t realize all the implications of a poor score, it is time to take control and become enlightened!

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Credit Education & Tools

In today’s world, identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes. With our services, we keep you informed of any changes or updates on your credit report and advise you on how the reported items affect your credit.

Credit Repair Services

At VCS, our team works on your behalf, disputing inaccurate credit report items with the credit bureaus and your creditors. We’ve effectively disputed every kind of problem a credit report can have and we’re waiting to help you now.

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At VCS, our team works on your behalf, disputing inaccurate credit report items with the credit bureaus and your creditors. We’ve effectively disputed every kind of problem a credit report can have and we’re waiting to help you now.

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Thanks for the follow up! So far, I’ve been very impressed with the success of your system. A number of old (mostly negative) accounts have been removed, and my credit score has jumped about 80 points in the last 2-3 months. Kudos!

by Jason Ross

I would like to thank you for all your help in assisting us in repairing our credit this year. You have made a tremendous impact for us and we would like to thank you very much for what you have done.

by Robert Choles

Great, thanks very much. You guys have great customer service. Also, I am sure your work helped me get my home loan and recent credit card, which was the whole purpose.

by Gary Davids

Venture Credit Solutions showed me how to take control of my credit. It’s been a weight lifted off my shoulders and we’re ready for the next adventure.

by Antonio V.

They did right by me. I got the approval i needed right when I needed it. Wish id worked with them sooner.

by Elsa

A+ with the BBB and performance based policy are the keys to what makes this company stand out. I researched a lot of these kinds of companies, and may are F rated by the BBB. I used Venture Credit Solutions and am satisfied with the result.

by Turner Bruise

Best credit repair INFO on the web from VCS. They actually taught me some stuff on the call when I signed up with them. Like that zero balances hurt your credit! Im posting it everywhere because I still cannot believe it. SIGNED UP!

by Marcus Rebello

It took a few months but i got approved for my mortgage since signing up with VCS. Since working with them my score went up almost 100 points. 5 stars because they did get it done, but id have liked it to be faster. I should have started with their program sooner.

by Miriam Ching

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Quality Customer Support & Valuable Services

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Venture’s specialized credit repair processes, credit expertise, and superior customer service makes us the best in the industry. We are proud that we have had the opportunity to help tens of thousands of Americans correct & improve their credit and we’re ready to help you too.

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