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Unlike other credit repair companies, we don’t trick the credit bureaus into changing your reports. We help our clients work to repair their credit with integrity, leveraging every legal standard available to consumers to ensure both accuracy and fairness. There are laws in place to protect your credit, and VCS can help you use them. 


Our services are success based. You only pay for results, guaranteed.

We are fully compliant in 49 states
Helping clients across the nation.

We are licensed, bonded, insured, and both federally and state compliant in 49 States (Excluding GA). At VCS we provide an honest and direct approach to helping consumers and business owners repair their credit and understand their likelihood of obtaining cost effective funding. VCS educates our clients as to what actions need to be taken in order to achieve this goal. Our Viability Assessment provides a clear understanding of the multiple attributes that contribute to credit decisions and what may be required to enhance the probability of accessing cost effective capital.

  • Compliant States
  • Non Compliant States

VCS has built a solid infrastructure based on leading-edge execution and an inspired management team that has best practices, data integrity, and transparency as its core DNA.  The management team at VCS has spent years analyzing applications through various platforms and targeted metrics. We also have long-standing, close-knit relationships within the industry thereby expanding our reach and footprint.

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