What is your Credit Score Costing You?

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Without a credit score of at least 620 you are unlikely to qualify for a home loan, and even then, you may find it difficult to get approved. Scores of 700 or higher are ideal for securing low interest rates and moderate monthly payments.

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We help you review your reports for inaccurate information that’s causing your score to be affected. Your score can influence what credit is available to you and how much interest you’ll pay.

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Learn How Your Credit Score Impacts You

40 Points on your credit could cost you $40,000 on a 30 year mortgage

35 percent of adults with a credit file, have a report of debt in collections.

Fewer than one in five people obtain copies of their credit report each year!




We start by obtaining all your credit reports from the major bureaus. Then, we review them with you to see which negative items may be inaccurate, unfair or unsubstantiated.


Next, we open a dialogue with your creditors and the credit bureaus on your behalf, asking them to look into each of the items we identified earlier.


We leverage specific laws to keep your case challenges moving forward. Items that are not confirmed as accurate, fair and substantiated should be removed from your reports.


Throughout this cycle, we’re here to answer your questions and teach you how to better manage your credit.

Venture Credit Solutions is here to help you meet your credit score goals. No matter your credit history, and financial standing our credit repair services are designed to help anyone improve a credit score. As one-in-five Americans are subjected to inaccurate, unfair or unverified negative items on a credit report, we are here to represent them. We have helped remove thousands of negative items in 2017 alone. That might not sound important, but these mistakes could be keeping people from getting a loan or costing them thousands of dollars in higher interest payments. Venture Credit’s Firm works with you, leveraging your legal rights, to address the questionable negative items actively hurting your reports.



Getting Started

Once you sign up with VCS, we help you obtain your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.



The specialist assigned to your file will review your credit reports and then direct appropriate correspondence to your creditors and the credit bureaus.


Follow-up & Escalation

Draw upon Venture Credit’s years of experience to work with you on which federal statutes to leverage in order to defend your case. Be sure to send us any responses you may receive from the credit bureaus or creditors.




In the course of everyday life, one decision you will make is how to obtain cost-effective capital for everyday needs. As there are a great number of options available they can become confusing, overwhelming or simply unknown.

Venture Credit Solutions helps cut through the confusion by providing a custom funding plan, known as a Funding Estimate. Venture Credit Solutions works on behalf of the client to obtain funding from various 3rd party sources.

Our services are so successful that we have no upfront costs, meaning we work for free until we achieve the funding for the client. It’s this approach that allows our clients to know that they have an expert team working for them with both parties having their goals aligned.

Our process is fairly simple; we conduct a deep analysis of the client’s profile and from there, our team of underwriters will utilize our in-house developed Funding Calculator to provide a range based Funding Estimate. This Funding Estimate is provided to the client for their approval with details of funding amount, rates, terms etc. Upon the business owner’s approval, the applications can be submitted the same day with funds available to the business owner within 1-3 weeks.

The average consumer doesn’t realize all the implications of a poor score, it is time to take control and become enlightened!

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In today’s world, identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes. With our services, we keep you informed of any changes or updates on your credit report and advise you on how the reported items affect your credit.

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At VCS, our team works on your behalf, disputing inaccurate credit report items with the credit bureaus and your creditors. We’ve effectively disputed every kind of problem a credit report can have and we’re waiting to help you now.

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At VCS, our team works on your behalf, disputing inaccurate credit report items with the credit bureaus and your creditors. We’ve effectively disputed every kind of problem a credit report can have and we’re waiting to help you now.

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